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  1. […] post on the Social Work Tech Blog is always a treat and I love the ideas in this post which show how a ‘self-care’ plan can be developed on the iPad – but don’t be fooled, the concept is transferable to pen and paper too (with attached […]

  2. […] Making a Self-Care Plan on Brushes for iPad [Intervention] « Social Work Tech Blog. This entry was posted in Innovation and tagged iPad; Self-care plan; Social work tech by pd. Bookmark the permalink. LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  3. tori says:

    This is really great…thank you!!!!

  4. njsmyth says:

    Great post! Self-care is so critical for social workers–we are often focused too much on caring for others in our lives to the point of neglecting ourselves.

    I like this post so much that I’m going to suggest to our faculty that we add your post to our Self-Care Starter Kit (http://www.socialwork.buffalo.edu/students/self-care/).

    • Ignacio says:

      Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for doing that, Nancy! That makes me very happy! Feel free to take the PDF and put it on your site and separately link to that post you are referencing (i.e. cite me) :) Also, the video is very useful :)

      • njsmyth says:

        Thanks, that’s very gracious of you! I just emailed them again to let them know that. You know, you might want to consider putting a copyright with your name and also a creative commons license on the pdf itself. People end up copying this type of thing and they can easily lose cite of the source.

  5. Ignacio – this is very creative and I love that you made it so that it works on an iPad. Is it okay for me to show it to my clients? Thanks – I have a feeling you are going to change a lot and come up with new theories to help everyone – go for it – we need new eyes and new ideas!

  6. […] This is how I utilize this intervention with my clients (and how you can utilize it for yourself) if you missed my article: […]

  7. […] and hold yourself accountable to none other than youself. There is a great worksheet from the Social Worker Tech Blog, which has an excellent print out you can do. You could even do this with your youth, coworkers, […]

  8. […] May: Making a Self-Care Plan [on Brushes for iPad] – The most-read post in 2011! […]

  9. Julie M says:

    This is a really great idea! I have been trying to figure out how to use more technology in my practice as a social worker. Thanks for the great tip!

  10. Alexandria Jette says:

    This is awesome! The agency that I am interning at does a “Mind, Body, and Soul” group and this fits right in! I just printed 20 copies for my classmates and talked to my Supervisor about it!

  11. […] what goals you want to accomplish and people in your life who can help. There is a great chart at Social Work Tech, that I personally use, as part of my self-care is being organized since disorganization freaks me […]

  12. parentskillz says:

    Amazing tool!! I think this will work with my kids and teens!! I’m also thinking of adding it to my vision board activity I do with my high school age clients! Thank you so much for this resource!

  13. Lynda says:

    Thanks for the example. I am doing an assignment for my Reflexology course and have to show some examples of self care plans. I was thinking it had to be a formal document but yours is GREAT its a friendly lay out and would be easy to use and very user friendly.Thanks again

    • Thank you. I downloaded this and will need to adapt it for my area of work and clientele but not unlike the Better Lives model we use in Probation. Richnsoul
  14. Bev says:

    Hi there! I am doing a presentation on self-care for individuals with mental illness seeking employment. I was hoping to use your worksheet during my presentation. Of course, I will reference your work. Would this be ok with you? You did a great job with this.

    • Hi there!

      Thank you for the kind words and for checking out my website. Of course you can use by materials for your presentation :)

      The only thing I ask of people that want to use my materials is to not modify my files (for example to take out my logo), sell my materials, or claimant is their own.

      Again, thank you for asking and for checking out my website!



  15. Karen Sugrue says:

    This is excellent stuff and wonderful resources – I am hoping to use your worksheet (with your permission) for a workshop I’m doing but I will of course leave it exactly as it is – I am just delighted to have found exactly the resource I was looking for. Many thanks, Kind regards, Karen

  16. Laila says:

    this is great and will use it in Arabic with case managers in a self care workshop:) thank you!!! great work

  17. Jen says:

    This is WONDERFUL! I can’t wait to use this. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  18. Fantastic self-care plan, Ignacio. I love the colors and how visual it is. I am going to link to your site as an example of a self-care plan in the blog post I’m writing on the subject. Thanks!

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